cheech1aLittle pup Cheech

Cheech never met a dog he didn’t like or did not like him.  In fact Cheech is so calm around other dogs that Kari Kerr as a dog trainer uses her dog to help train dogs that have fear and other behavior issues.  “I frequently use him in my work with reactive and aggressive dogs. Most dogs just don’t get upset with him. They like him! Once they learn to have one friend, they can be taught to have other friends.”

cheech2-1024x849Cheech is the happiest dog I have ever met…and I’m a professional dog trainer! Hes up for anything, loves all dogs, people, and critters. Bold, but not stupid. Athletic, but not wild. He’s PERFECT in every way.


Cheech is a three year old male border collie and shares a home with a shih tzu named Sweet Pea, two cats named Getsul and Basta, two geese and fourteen chickens.
I’ve always had lots of animals. This is a low number in my house.


Cheech and Kari are together 24/7 and when he is not helping Kari to give confidence to fearful dogs, he is playing with the geese and chickens and training to be an agility competitor.
He also performs several tricks, and the latest he has learned is the “inside voice” where he actually whispers!
Their bond gives Kari solace.

He reminds me to smile, be happy. Its difficult to have a pity party with this guy in your life!